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Why Market Research Data Matters For Your Small Business Success

Where does your target customer live? What are their spending habits? How old are they on average? Having access to the right market data can help you make strategic decisions, propel your business forward and increase your sales.

The York Small Business Enterprise Centre provides select clients with access to ENVISION. This tool is a cloud-based, secure platform that gives you access to powerful and meaningful data, including demographics, consumer behaviour, lifestyles, values, spending habits and more. We work with our clients to help you find the right data for your business.

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What Can You Learn With Our Support?

The following datasets are available for you during your consultation with a Small Business Consultant. Ranging from things like household spending, to demographic and psychographic values by neighbourhood, this data can help you hone in on your target customer and make smarter, data-informed decisions. Searches are limited to the geographic boundaries of York Region.


DemoStats Trends consists of estimated and projected household income, total population, household population, household counts and more.


PRIZM integrates geographic, psychographic and other data to classify Canada’s neighbourhoods into unique lifestyle types, helping you hone in on your customers.


Household spend provides current estimates of expenditures by Canadian households — from fashion apparel, home furnishings, cellphones, and more.


The CensusPlus dataset is based off the 2016 Census and includes popular variables such as income, age, family households and offers superior customization.

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NewMakeIt is a digital innovation hub, makerspace and interactive training and coworking facility located in Newmarket, Ontario. After reaching out to the York Small Business Enterprise Centre, they utilized the ENVISION tool to learn more about their community.

“We went to YSBEC and we were able to access the Environics tool, and from there we were able to learn a ton of information from the educational and employment backgrounds of people in our community to the type of income that they spend on entertainment.”

– Ryan Dibisch, Executive Director of NewMakeIt

Get Started

Access to ENVISION is provided to small business owners (with 19 employees or less) as part of a consultation with a YSBEC Small Business Consultant. Business owners can access and request reports as needed.

A one-on-one consultation with one of our knowledgeable small business consultants can help steer you in the direction you need to go. We provide expert advice you can count on and business strategies that work. To get started, contact us today using the form to the right, email ysbec@york.ca, or call us at 1-877-464-9675 ext. 71572.

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