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VMC in Vaughan, York Region

Tap Into The GTA’s Business Potential

York Region is one of the largest business hubs in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). It is home to two of the Toronto Region’s four major business hubs, over 54,000 business establishments, 650,000 jobs, and over 500 foreign subsidiaries and growing.


Central GTA Access

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is Canada’s largest business hub. York Region – centrally located in the heart of the GTA – plays a significant role in the local and Canadian economy.

Locating your business in York Region creates opportunity around every turn. Whether your business is looking for new clients, strategic partners, or top-level talent, or all of that – it’s here.

York Region distance map


Is your business next in line to join our thriving business community?

Local Jobs

A strong and highly educated workforce that helps drive business growth.

Foreign Companies

Global companies see the value in having operations in the Region.

Economic Powerhouse

The Region’s economy is thriving and the facts speak for themselves.

  • 1.2 million residents across 9 cities and towns
  • 1,400 New employers annually*
  • 13 Fortune 100 companies
  • $106 Billion in combined revenue from the top 28 companies
  • 22 businesses with annual revenue greater than $500 million
  • 6% of Canada’s fastest growing firms have operations in the Region
  • 11,000 New jobs added annually*
  • 95 Companies with more than 300 employees
  • York Region’s GDP is $64.6 billion
  • 6 of Toronto area’s Top 10 Corporate ICT research and development spenders

Data sources: Statistics Canada CBP, Fortune, Globe & Mail ROB, York Region Planning & Economic Development, Re$earch Infosource, and Profit500. *New employers and jobs are an annual average from 2001 – 2020.

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

62% of ICT businesses in the GTA are located in the 905 regions [including Toronto area’s York Region], according to Statistics Canada.

Avison Young | The Technology Sector in the Greater Toronto Area: A Multi-Market Success Story
ySpace in York Region

Global Talent

The Region is home to an incredibly talented workforce and attracts world-class talent from abroad and across the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Highest concentration of residents in tech occupations in the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor
  • 3rd highest rate of university education among Canada’s largest municipalities
  • Over 70% of population has post-secondary education
  • 22 of Toronto Area’s top 25 neighborhoods [2017]
  • 6 of GTA’s Top 10 primary and secondary schools [2018]
  • 5 of Greater Toronto Area’s top 10 “best to live” cities and towns for new Canadians [2018]

Data Sources: Statistics Canada CBP, MoneySense Magazine, 2017/2018; Fraser Institute Ranking, 2017/18; Maclean’s Magazine, 2018.

We selected this site [Canadian Technical Centre – Markham Campus] in Canada because of its clear capacity for innovation, proven talent, great universities, start-ups, and innovative partners.

Ken Kelzer, (Former) Vice President, Global Vehicle Components and Subsystems | General Motors

Industry Sectors

The region’s economy is diverse and includes strong industry clusters that are home to companies thriving locally, across Canada, and on the global stage. Many of these sectors work together to drive job creation, innovation, and economic growth.

York Region Industry Sectors

2 Employment Megazones

There are 4 employment ‘megazones’ across the Toronto Region.

ICT Companies

Ready to join Canada’s second largest tech hub and the #YRtech ecosystem?

18 Universities and Colleges

These world-renowned institutions are within commuting distance.


Innovation Advantage

There is a flourishing climate of creativity and a strong entrepreneurial and innovation culture in York Region. There are a diverse range of innovation resources available to support entrepreneurs in the early stages, as well as, for companies with a need to scale-up an existing business venture.

  • The Regional Innovation Centre, ventureLAB, provides mentoring and programming to high-growth startups. Since 2011, companies supported by ventureLAB have raised more than $250 million in capital funding.
  • Entrepreneurs can incubate their ideas with the help of York University’s YSpace and Seneca College’s HELIX.

York Region has a strong regional ecosystem that regularly collaborates to provide meaningful support to the tech community. We understand that it takes an ecosystem to raise an entrepreneur…

Sarah Howe, Former Assistant Vice-President, Innovation & Research Partnerships | York University

Class-A Office To Co-Working

York Region is home to many significant office towers and business parks, but we also have over 30 co-working locations that provide opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs to access top-quality office space at a reduced cost. Many are supported by post-secondary institutions and global R&D companies including York University, Seneca College, IBM Canada, and others.

Spread throughout our 9 cities and towns these co-working spaces provide an opportunity to network and learn from other businesses. This helps to build a strong business community that also connects enterprise scale corporations with startups and entrepreneurs to help drive business growth and innovation.


Being in York Region separates us from the noise of the downtown Toronto tech hub, but still lets us be a big player in the SaaS world.

Nima Chadha, VP of Marketing | Book4Time
PWC tower in VMC, York Region

GTA Cost Advantage

Within the Greater Toronto Area, York Region offers operational cost-saving advantages for businesses looking to leverage Canada’s largest business hub and the talent that lives here.

  • GTA’s lowest municipal commercial and industrial property taxes
  • 40% lower lease costs for Class A/B office versus downtown Toronto
  • Up to 15% lower salary costs for experienced professionals compared to the downtown core (commute time trade-off)
  • Range of location and cost alternatives across 9 local cities and towns
  • A range of space alternatives to suit any budget and operational need: from co-location to industrial flex to Class A/B/C office
  • Significant cost advantage versus the USA (taxes, employment, R&D)
  • Free office parking versus average of $315/month per spot in Toronto’s downtown core
  • Eligibility for Federal Government and Provincial Government incentives (case specific)

Subways unlock new travel choices for all commuters. With 54,000 businesses already within York Region, this transit investment will help drive national, provincial and regional prosperity.

Wayne Emmerson, Chairman & CEO | The Regional Municipality of York

Future-Focused Urban Growth

York Region is investing heavily in transit and other infrastructure to support growth throughout the Region, but with a specific focus on four urban growth centres in Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan.

  • The Region’s four urban growth centres are Markham Centre, Newmarket Centre, Richmond Hill Centre / Langstaff Gateway, and the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre
  • The only Region outside of the City of Toronto to have direct TTC subway access to Downtown Toronto
  • 34 kilometres of Bus Rapid Transit, along with interconnectivity to the TTC, York Region Transit, VIVA, and GO Transit, and others make the Region highly connected without needing a vehicle
PWC tower in VMC, York Region