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Toronto Area's York Region

Explore York Region's Thriving Agriculture
& Agri-Food Sector

From the rich soils of the Holland Marsh to a diverse mix of food and beverage businesses, this sector plays an important role in York Region’s economy and supporting the Ontario food chain. With a $2.7 billion annual GDP, York Region is home to a vibrant and thriving agriculture and agri-food sector, and is the fourth-largest food and beverage processing hub in Canada.

  • The agriculture and agri-food sector supports over 46,000 jobs in York Region
  • York Region is home to over 290 food and beverage manufacturers and processors
  • 4,400+ value chain companies are part of the agriculture and agri-food sector
  • More than 600 farm-based business call York Region home, spread over 130,000 acres
  • Home to the York Region Food and Beverage Accelerator Program at York University’s YSpace
  • Our soil is rich as York Region’s operating farm revenue ranks first per acre in the Greater Toronto Area, and third in the Greater Golden Horseshoe
  • York Region is the fourth-largest food and beverage processing hub in Canada

York Region Agriculture & Agri-Food Strategy

The Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector Strategy is an action plan that was endorsed by York Regional Council in 2017. The strategy outlines the sector’s current strengths, opportunities and challenges to ensure that agriculture and agri-food remains a strong and viable sector in York Region. It was developed in collaboration with local municipalities and the York Region Agriculture and Agri-Food Advisory Committee, who provides advice to Council on the protection and promotion of agriculture and farming in York Region.

With five strategic goal areas accompanied by 45 recommended actions, the strategy is an ambitious framework designed to achieve results and demonstrates York Region’s commitment to the sector.

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York Farm Fresh

A wide variety of delicious, local food is grown right here in York Region. From local organic fruits and vegetables, to high-quality eggs, meat and cheese, look no further than your own backyard for the best quality ingredients.

The York Farm Fresh Guide Map is the best way to find a variety of delicious food in your own backyard. This map lists farms and farmers’ markets to help you uncover local farm fresh products within York Region.

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Plate of food from York Region

Why Eat Local?

You support the local economy. Not only is local food fresher and better for the environment, but when you eat local, you support the more than 600 farms that call York Region home. Buying local also helps support the broader York Region economy, creating more local jobs and supporting the community you live in.

Your food will be fresh and it’s better for the environment. Imported fruits and vegetables can travel long distances to get to your plate. This transport has an environmental impact related to greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. When you buy local you get fresh, delicious products with a reduced impact on the environment. We call that a win-win.

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