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Skinopathy Founder Speaking To An Audience in Aurora

Skinopathy is Local Healthcare Success Story for Aurora’s Keith Loo

The local success story of Mr. Loo and Dr. Hong was the focus of the inaugural Emerging Aurora event, an initiative of the Aurora’s Economic Development Board.
Skinopathy Founder Speaking To An Audience in Aurora

If necessity is the mother of invention, the global pandemic may have been a close relative to innovation for Aurora resident Keith Loo. Mr. Loo, in partnership with Dr. Colin Hong, launched Skinopathy in August of 2020 with plans to develop artificial technology to help people screen for skin cancers not only from the comfort of their own home, but from the convenience of their phone as well.

Its intention was to help people with skin cancers get diagnosed and treated early in a medical environment where wait times for appointments can make all the difference. As the technology developed, its success with patients was clear, and now the duo are in talks to expand the program to local hospitals.

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