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Eggs in carton

Savor East Gwillimbury’s Agricultural Wonders: Farm to Fork Tour!

One of the fastest growing regions in Canada, East Gwillimbury is an agricultural community of villages connected by forest and farms, making it a seamless blend of heritage and innovation.
Eggs in carton

Dive deep into the heart of East Gwillimbury’s farming traditions on September 30th. As a vibrant community interwoven with forests, villages, and farms, East Gwillimbury proudly presents its Farm to Fork Tour across six prime farms.

Delight in offerings from over 20 local producers: ethically-raised livestock, organic fruits and vegetables, pesticide-free plants and flowers, freshly baked goods, and more. Don’t miss this journey of taste and discovery!

For details and tour itinerary, visit www.egfarm2fork.ca