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Toronto Area's York Region
2024 Employment Survey

Participate in the 2024 York Region Employment Survey

The 2024 York Region Employment Survey is now available. Members of the York Region Planning department are visiting local businesses to complete the survey.

If you missed our staff or run a remote or home-based business, participate in the Employment Survey online now.

About The York Region Employment Survey

The York Region Employment Survey is conducted annually and monitors the location and characteristics of York Region businesses by collecting details including company name, address, business activity and number of employees. This information is used to:

  • Monitor local economic trends and business sectors
  • Form business attraction and retention strategies
  • Forecast future transit and other infrastructure needs
  • Create and update business directories

The 2022 York Region Employment Survey

The last survey was conducted in the summer of 2022. View the most recent available directory from 2022 here. The 2022 York Region Employment & Industry report is now available and provides a detailed overview of industry and employment trends in York Region.

Making Changes To Business Directory Information:
To update your business directory information, please contact the Planning and Economic Development Branch at (905) 830-4444 ext. 71508 or via e-mail at businessdirectory@york.ca.

Background Information

York Region’s first region-wide employment survey occurred in 1998. Between 2001 and 2006, the annual survey targeted only key areas of employment, high-growth, and regional centres. In 2014, a partnership was entered with the nine local municipalities to complete a comprehensive region-wide survey of all businesses. Since then, the survey was conducted annually until 2019, and will be conducted every two years from 2022.

Door-to-door interviews with the business community are conducted by a team of surveyors between May and August. Secondary methods of contact include telephone interviews, e-mail correspondence and online survey submissions.

Information collected from the employment survey is used for planning and analysis purposes with sensitive data being used internally only and kept confidential. For a complete listing of how specific data fields are used please refer to the terms of use.

Terms of Use for Collected Data

For more information, please contact us by email businessdirectory@york.ca or call 905-830-4444 ext 71508.