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Ghost Taco in Newmarket

‘Truly something huge’: Nemarket’s Ghost Taco celebrates its journey to success

One of Newmarket's most popular Main Street eateries, born as a pandemic pop-up, celebrated its journey to success with an official grand opening March 1.
Ghost Taco in Newmarket

She shared the story of the restaurant’s beginnings, saying for her and co-owner Grant Buckley, “Going into the second lockdown we didn’t know what the future held for Ground Burger Bar and EVENTMRKT… What we did know is that if we didn’t adapt quickly, that future might not exist.”

They began “tossing around crazy ideas” in a bid to avoid laying off staff again in 2021, “brainstorming what concepts we could translate into a pop-up take-out model out of EVENTMRKT’s kitchen.”

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