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Magna Rendering of EV 2

TechKnowledgy: That’s One Way to Describe the Depth and Potential of Automotive Technology in Greater Toronto Area’s York Region

“York Region is home to one of the largest and most comprehensive auto tech ecosystems in North America.” — Brendan Sweeney, Managing Director, Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing
Magna Rendering of EV

Layer upon layer of automotive technology experience and innovation are embedded in the Greater Toronto Area’s York Region, much like the advanced components embedded in today’s vehicles. Unlike some of the complex systems packed under the hood, however, in York Region you can actually get to them.

Pat D’Eramo knows. I caught up with the president and CEO of Canadian global parts, fluid systems, module and component maker Martinrea International as he drove to the company’s headquarters in York Region’s City of Vaughan.

“The advantage to the location is access to technology, but most importantly, access to resources,” he says, noting that access to a customer such as GM in Oshawa is essential too. “There is a lot of access to first- and second-generation technical people who have gone into the trades, which is harder to come by in the U.S. 

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