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Value Fresh Founder

New Company Aims to Tackle Food Waste, Affordability in York Region

According to Stegink, food waste at the retail level also ends up costing consumers. “The customer ends up paying for this,” he said. “Customers end up paying for that waste because they mark up the prices to cover the cost.”
Value Fresh Founder

When faced with problems like food waste and the rising cost of eating healthy, Jay Stegink turned to a solution that’s gaining traction in China: community buying. In this practice, a community leader takes orders from members, then places one big order and distributes it within the community. 

Stegink wondered if he could make that model work here and turn it into a business. “It addresses a bunch of the traditional challenges,” he said. One of those challenges is food waste. “We have a massive waste problem in the food supply chain. Retail grocery stores and produce retailers throw out an incredible amount of produce every year. It’s avoidable food waste,” Stegink said. 

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