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David Dunlop Observatory Richmond Hill

Solve clues, conquer quests at David Dunlap Observatory interactive experience in Richmond Hill

"The actors are from a theatre group called Live History and will dress up and play the part of some of our historical figures from the site," said Maggie MacKenzie, heritage co-ordinator, City of Richmond Hill. "So, for example, prior to the David Dunlap Observatory, it was a family farm, so they'll be portraying family members and characters from the past."
David Dunlop Observatory Richmond Hill

“Live History at the RHDDO — In Time” is a unique, interactive one-day experience combining elements of an escape room, quests and theatrical performances at David Dunlap Observatory (DDO).

On Sat. June 24, participants can have fun exploring the historic site at 123 Hillsview Dr., Richmond Hill, as they interact with actors who provide clues and solve puzzles.

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