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Richmond Hill Headquartered Staples Canada Win 2018 Workplace Benefits Award York Region is a Hot Bed for Innovation

FinTech Summit in York RegionSoon, the days of entering your local financial institution and speaking to a bank teller will be gone. New evolutions and innovations in finance are changing the way we do everyday banking. On Thursday, November 8, The Regional Municipality of York hosted The 2018 FinTech Summit. The summit highlighted the increasing need for insights into automated money management.

Home to the second-largest Financial, Insurance and Accounting Services cluster in Ontario, York Region brings together businesses and industry experts to business opportunity. Keynote speaker, Denizhan Uykur highlighted some recent insights from his report published by the World Economic Forum.

He says, we are living in an age where increasing levels of assistance from Artificial intelligence (AI) gives consumers a better understanding of their financial profile while also raising challenging questions around privacy and security.

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