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Newmarket Wonderland

Newmarket launching new ‘iconic’ event on Main Street this winter

Main Street from Water Street to Park Avenue is proposed to have live entertainment after 5 p.m., with restaurants invited to have outdoor expansion zones that the town will oversee. Some attractions will include igloo lounges rented for the southern portion of Main Street, two zones dedicated to ice bars, and a sign highlighting the event meant for photography from the Park Avenue entrance. There will also be art and ice sculpture installations.
Newmarket Wonderland

Newmarket is launching a new event in February that will close portions of Main Street to transform it into a “massive” winter event space.

The proposed Ice Lounge on Main event would run Feb. 22 to 25 throughout the day and night, with buskers, decorations, art and firepits, according to a presentation by town staff to the downtown BIA Jan. 10.

Newmarket Councillor Bob Kwapis, the town representative on the BIA board, said it is an exciting event and stands to be the biggest one on Main Street outside of the Canada Day weekend.

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