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Lineup of Entrepreneurs

Markham-Based QEA Tech Makes Fourteen Canadian Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2023 List

Melati’s latest venture, QEA Tech, focuses on energy loss in buildings. As much as 51 per cent of heating and air conditioning escapes through poorly sealed or insulated areas on a building’s exterior.
Lineup of Entrepreneurs

We’re entering 2023 with a long list of problems: a shaky global economy, health systems still under stress from COVID-19, the rising cost of living and wild weather from climate change. But across Canada, entrepreneurs are at work on technologies that will help tackle these challenges.

Peyvand Melati is a serial entrepreneur who has launched several clean technology companies. Melati arrived in Canada 20 years ago from Iran. “The first business I ever started was at the age of 19, making computers for universities back home,” he says. “Immigrating to Canada, it gives you a different perspective.

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