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Mirror auto tech from Magna

Aurora Headquartered Magna will see its CLEARVIEW Camera Monitoring System Debut in 2022

Aurora headquartered Magna offers complete camera monitoring system combining expertise in mirrors, cameras, electronics and software

Mirror auto tech from MagnaAfter winning new business across multiple vehicle models CLEARVIEW technology from Magna International Inc. will officially enter the market in 2022. Using a unique combination of camera and mirror technology to provide drivers with an enhanced field of view, CLEARVIEW is made possible through Magna’s comprehensive expertise in intelligent vision systems using mirrors, cameras, electronics and software.

“The CLEARVIEW system combines Magna’s leading camera and electronics expertise with our unmatched mirror capabilities to create a complete vision system that enhances driver safety by giving the driver more information about their side and rear surroundings,” said John O’Hara, president of Magna mechatronics, mirrors and lighting.

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