Battling ‘Battery Cell Scarcity’ and Manufacturing Hiccups, Tesla Quietly Buys Richmond Hill Automation Firm He Was A Richmond Hill Student. Then He Struck It Rich Running An Uber Of The Skies

A Trip to Lakeland’s Sister City, Richmond Hill

Elephant Grind Coffee in Richmond HillJust to give you some background, the City of Richmond Hill Municipal Office Building houses local officials just like Lakeland’s City Hall. Our 20+ year relationship with this York Region city has allowed us to connect through Rotary Club activities + trade agreements. According to Mayor Barrows, any Lakelander would be remiss if they didn’t try out a visit to the Dunlap Observatory and a walk through the Moraine when visiting the Rose City.

And by the way, a few notable development projects in this growing city worth mentioning include a 2.6-kilometer segment of Viva bus rapid transit (rapidway project) and a boardwalk that wraps around Lake Wilcox.

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