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Summer Company Entrepreneur

York Region Showcases Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

The Summer Company program offers mentorship and start-up funding of $3,000. York Region small business consultant Vivian Ho-Tam said it is an important way to help aspiring young business owners.
Summer Company Entrepreneur

Newmarket student Golden Stickwood has an uncommon title for someone still in school: CEO of his own company. Stickwood now runs Newmarket Pressure Washing, which he started through the Summer Company Program at the York Small Business Enterprise Centre. 

“I’ve received a lot of education, and it’s been absolutely fundamental in getting customers and growing my business,” he said. “We’re in the green this year, which is really great for a starting business.”

The program held its first in-person business showcase since 2019 at the Upper Canada Mall Aug. 18. The young entrepreneurs who got to start businesses through the program got the chance to show them off within the bustling mall and garner potential customers.

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