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Diagram of electronic-based services

FirstOntario Expands Strategic Relationship With Markham Headquartered Everlink Rolling out the Award-Winning eDETECT™ Service

“We are excited to welcome FirstOntario to Everlink’s eDETECT™ program. We are extremely proud of the technology and work that our team has put forth in creating a solution that is valued by so many of our Credit Union partners,” says Mark Ripplinger, President and CEO of Everlink.
Diagram of electronic-based services

Everlink Payment Services Inc. is pleased to announce that FirstOntario Credit Union has implemented Everlink’s real-time fraud management service, eDETECT™, to monitor their POS and ATM channels. Earlier this year, FirstOntario completed a successful conversion to Everlink’s payment processing platform and the credit union is also slated to begin implementation of the Everlink Co-badged Debit Program together with our integrated eDETECT+™ solution in early 2023.

Launched in 2016, the demand for eDETECT™ has skyrocketed and now serves 99% of the Everlink Credit Union client base. Awarded the ACI Worldwide Customer Innovation Award, eDETECT™ compares transaction details and demographic data against analytical rules to identify fraud.

Full Article: everlink.ca