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Seneca Helix

Virtual 2021 Seneca HELIX Summer Institute Open for Applications

Are you ready to innovate?

Seneca College is holding its fifth annual HELIX Summer Institute, a highly-interactive and intense six-day virtual experience where you will think creatively, work strategically and collaborate with peers and real key stakeholders. Together, you will solve an operational challenge the Southlake Regional Health Centre is currently confronting. You will also access mentoring from some of York Region’s best innovators, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

This initiative welcomes participation from students, entrepreneurs, designers, creative thinkers and member of the community. Lead facilitators will encourage participants to think creatively, try new solutions and pivot based on feedback from real stakeholders.

The innovation mindset you can develop at Seneca’s virtual 2021 HELIX Summer Institute is critical to every industry or enterprise, whether you want to be an entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

How to Apply

Applications are now open for the virtual 2021 HELIX Summer Institute taking place weekdays from Monday, Aug. 23 to Monday, Aug. 30

To apply, submit a statement of intent outlining why you want to participate in the virtual 2021 HELIX Summer Institute. The statement should not exceed 400 words. Please email your statement to chris.dudley@senecacollege.ca.

Space is limited for this no-cost initiative.

Learn more at senecacollege.ca/HELIXsummer