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Three York Region municipalities make top 10 in Ontario; offering the best livability in Canada, new report suggests

Studies show more flexibility in work arrangements and work-life balance positively improved workers' mental health. Other companies that trialled a four-day workweek reported increased productivity and overall organizational revenue — at a 100 per cent success rate, according to a Canadian pilot program.
A man in a suit looking at a phone

Are you struggling to balance work obligations with family time, social connections and daily errands — all while juggling side gigs, hobbies and, last and often least, getting enough rest? If you can afford it, it might be worth considering a move to any of the other cities that topped the rankings for the best work-life balance in Canada, according to a new report.

Findings published Monday by real estate listing website Point2, ranked Canada’s 100 largest cities according to 30 key metrics relating to work intensity, health and well-being and livability in cities, based on the most recent census data from Statistics Canada.

Aurora, Newmarket, and Vaughan are the three York Region municipalities that made the top 10 for Ontario cities, with Aurora and Newmarket making it to the top 10 across Canada.

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