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Person paying with a phone

Markham Headquartered Enghouse Transportation and Transdev Roll Out Contactless Payments Across the Netherlands

Easy payment is an essential pre-requisite for an efficient integrated transport system. The new fare collection solution is expected to increase the number of the occasional Connexxion customers in the Amstelland-Meerland and Haarlem-IJmond regions, as well as simplifying access for regular travellers. Foreign visitors are also likely to find the new fare system easier to use.
Person paying with a phone

MARKHAM, ON, Oct. 5, 2022 /CNW/ – Telexis Solutions (a division of Enghouse Transportation) and Transdev (one of the largest mobility companies in the Netherlands) have been rolling out contactless payments for the services operated by Connexxion in several regions of the Netherlands. One of Transdev’s subsidiaries, Connexxion, has introduced this new payment method on all its vehicles in the Amstelland-Meerland and Haarlem-IJmond regions.

Telexis Solutions is making travel simpler and more accessible for Transdev’s customers. Transdev’s customers can now check in and out of vehicles using their contactless debit card, credit card or mobile phone, through Telexis’s new seamless automated fare collection solution. This will be available to more than a million customers in the northern Netherlands.

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