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Microart Manufacturing Profile

How To Survive And Thrive In Manufacturing In The 2020s: Markham-Based Microart Profile

You’d hope that after all we’ve been through we’ve learned a lesson or two. They say ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’. We certainly feel that way. After three years of challenging disruptions, and a realization that disruption is now a way of life, we feel stronger, more robust and perhaps even more relevant than ever before.
Microart Manufacturing Profile

At Microart we pride ourselves on bending over backwards for our customers, and boy have we had some bending to do in the last few years. While contemplating what got us through the early 2020s in such good shape, I have to say the two words that come to mind are team and tenacity.

I always knew our team had the tenacity to support our customers in the best possible way. I also knew they had what it takes to survive through some of the biggest business and social disruption we’ve ever seen. But what truly impressed me and even surprised me was how everyone on the team went above and beyond to deliver exceptional service and ensured that, like our customers, we could not just survive these disruptions, but thrive.

So, What Have We Learned In The First Thirty Or So Months Of The 2020s And How Might That Set The Scene For The Rest Of This Decade?

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