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Mackenzie Innovation Institute Partners with Medirex

Under this strategic partnership with Medirex, Mi²’s expertise and insights on identifying and developing new disruptive technologies to enhance healthcare will allow Medirex to design and build revolutionary healthcare solutions to improve the patient experience.
Mackenzie Health and Medirex logos over an image of a patient receiving health care in a hospital room

Mackenzie Innovation Institute (Mi²) and Medirex Systems Inc. have announced a strategic partnership to develop, test and evaluate innovative technological solutions that drive patient engagement and improve patient experience through positive patient identification.

Prior to this collaborative partnership, Mackenzie Health and Medirex worked together in optimizing Medirex’s patented patient identification wristband. Medirex’s patented technology not only acts as the Single Point Of Truth for patient identification, but is where patient engagement begins.

Full Article: canhealth.com