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CBC Features this Mom and Son Duo Who Bake Delicious Macedonian Food at This Newmarket Spot

Ismaila Alfa: These are the catering trucks you find by office buildings and construction sites, right? Suresh: Yes, I remember seeing these everywhere when I was a kid. The truck would pull over and the owner would flip open the back, stainless steel everywhere, fold-down counters. You'd get your cigarettes there or grab a coffee or a snack.
Pizza from Macedonia Secrets restaurant in Newmarket

Suresh Doss: Nicholas Georgievski is the young owner behind this tiny shop. He just turned 30 earlier this month. He was born in Richmond Hill, and identifies as Macedonian.

His parents, Maggie and Louie, are from Strumica, a southern city close to the Bulgarian border. They came to Canada over 30 years ago when they were young, and Maggie’s first job was running a coffee truck.

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