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Brew It Coffee Bar

‘We love it here’: Brew It Coffee Bar opens in Newmarket

Last month, Mocanu’s dream became a reality when she opened Brew It Coffee Bar, at 460 Davis Dr. in Newmarket.
Brew It Coffee Bar

It all started when Carol Mocanu worked at her father Milton’s bakery in Toronto when she was in her 20s. Everyday at 4 a.m., she would go to the bakery with her family and they would bake together before she’d head off to her college classes. She loved the experience and while her life took her in a different direction professionally, she always had the urge to return.

“I always said to my dad when I decide what I’m doing with my life, I’ll open up a coffee shop and you’ll bake for me,” she said. “It was always so nice working with him and meeting people. I always wanted to have an impact on a community in that way.”

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