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HCI New Partners

ventureLAB Announces New Participants, Broadening Canada’s Hardware Catalyst Initiative

Joining the Hardware Catalyst’s growing partner network are, Dell Canada, Dassault Systèmes, and NeuronicWorks.
Company logos for Dassault Systems, Dell, and Neuronic Works, all new participants of ventureLAB's HCI

Today, ventureLAB announced new participants in its Hardware Catalyst Initiative, Canada’s only lab and incubator for hardware and semiconductor companies. The announcement comes on the heels of an additional $4.7 million investment made by the Federal Economic Development Agency of Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) on March 5, bringing the total government investment to $9.7 million. The new participants signal the growing importance of Canada’s hardware and semiconductor industry, as demand for chips and sensors continues to surge, causing global shortages and production disruptions.

Full Article: businesswire.com