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Seneca and Kingbridge Centre team up to support environmental innovation in York Region

Seneca and Kingbridge Centre are creating an innovation hub that will deliver a real-world setting and programs to help entrepreneurs build and scale businesses in the agriculture, food production and processing, energy and environmental sectors.

Through shared resources in business development and applied research, Seneca and Kingbridge Centre will help companies grow and solve challenges related to technology, infrastructure and sustainability. The collaboration is the latest addition to the thriving innovation ecosystem in York Region and will harness the unique assets located in King Township.

“We are delighted to partner with Kingbridge Centre to help grow the green economy in King Township and York Region,” said David Agnew, Seneca President. “The innovation hub will provide entrepreneurs access to resources and networks to scale up and turn innovative ideas into sustainable businesses.”

Seneca’s contributions to the initiative include applied research infrastructure and faculty expertise and access for aspiring entrepreneurs to HELIX, Seneca’s business incubator and accelerator. HELIX has built a strong reputation in York Region helping young business owners with mentorship, infrastructure, access to investors and professional development opportunities.

Kingbridge Centre, and its affiliated entity, Ekagrata Inc., will leverage innovation expertise, executive management strengths and risk capital investment experience, as well as a robust global business network to collaborate on joint projects, venture referrals and extending training and education programs.

“The partnership between Kingbridge Centre and Seneca is an action-oriented collaboration, combining resources and best practices to drive the development of impactful solutions that are pragmatic and benefitting the community and region,” said Prashant Pathak, Chair, Kingbridge Centre. “This collaboration provides a unique infrastructure platform for innovative companies and for creators and researchers to develop and transform innovative ideas and concepts into successful enterprises and businesses.”

Seneca and Kingbridge Centre will also engage with community members directly to identify and address employment gaps for those adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The green business development goals for the hub align with the economic development strategies for the Township of King and York Region.

“We are very excited to see these two organizations working together on initiatives that benefit the residents and businesses in King,” said Steve Pellegrini, Mayor, King Township. “The innovation focus is very much aligned with our municipality, including our economic strategy and the Climate Action Plan currently under development. We look forward to working with the many businesses, startups, innovators and researchers from around the world, right here in our community.”

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