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Digital Main Street Stouffville

‘Opportunity to set up for years’: Stouffville Main Street businesses receive boost

That undertaking was difficult but Neumann got a little help through the federal government’s My Main Street Program which doled out $10,000 to 10 businesses in Stouffville. For Neumann, the extra funds made all the difference in the world. “It’s like your head is below water and you come up for this awesome big phenomenal breath of air,” he said. “The grant gives me an opportunity to set up for a few years.”
Digital Main Street Stouffville

Getting a Main Street store up off the ground in Stouffville is a huge undertaking. Marc Neumann is just getting started on the west side of Main Street with the Foodicyn Alkaline Breakfast Bar. He opened the shop in September. “Fruits, vegetables, nuts, greens, seeds. That’s it,” he said of his various cocktails and tonics.

Neumann said he was turned onto a more healthy way of living more than a decade ago when he was 35 and he started getting health problems. As he learned about food and changed his diet, Neumann observed how his new regiment of cocktails and tonics healed his body. “IBS, chronic allergies, chronic headaches. Gone,” he said.

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