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New Wine Bar on Main Street Newmarket

Newly Opened Wine on Main is Like The ‘Dave & Busters’ of Wine

The new wine bar has a wall of temperature-controlled machines with 24 bottles of wine in there. Customers can fill up a card with a pre-paid amount and insert it into one of the machines and select your bottle and pour size. The wine is then dispensed right into your glass.
New Wine Bar on Main Street Newmarket

Wine on Main popped the cork and cut the ribbon today, officially opening its unique self-serve wine bar on Main Street in Newmarket. 

The new business is the brainchild of Jordan Mills and Alex Lee. The journey to opening has taken many months and the couple said they are relieved to be welcoming people in. “It’s been a long, long road. We first stepped in the space back in March. It’s been a ride for sure. We’re very excited,” Mills said. 

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