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Markham Headquartered ANTLER Technologies & Start-Up Studio Corp. Partners with Aquatics AI Services Inc. to Offer First Next-Generation of True Commercial Swimming Pool Automation System, POOLPal™

ANTLER and AAIS are forming a strategic partnership to enhance POOLPal™'s features. POOLPal™ is the most advanced industrial-grade machine learning driven platform entering the commercial swimming pool market in North America.
Olympic-size swimming pool

ANTLER Technologies & Start-Up Studio Corp. (ANTLER) is a high-tech company that focuses on enhancing operations in various industries. ANTLER deploys mission-critical operation processes into a cyber-physical space to hyper automate redundancies, exposing misalignment in operations, regulation non-compliance, inefficient workflow processes, time spent on low-value work and gaps in green initiatives. ANTLER’s platforms provide a solution that will elevate the customer’s strategy in becoming Net-Zero, Customer Experience driven and operationally hyper-efficient across their operation’s value chain.

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