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Lumon Canada’s Glass Processing Factory Investment Completed and Production Started

The grand opening started with opening words from Lumon Group’s CEO, Jussi Kinnunen. He reflected on the hard work of the production department and the layout of the production floor since he last saw it a year ago. “It looks totally different,” he states with a smile on his face.
Lumon Canada staff at ribbon-cutting ceremony.

On the 9th of September 2021, Lumon Production NA Inc. celebrated its grand opening in Canada after major investments in the production and supply chain processes, including its own glass fabrication line and new machinery. The investments were budgeted at around 1.5M CAD, and execution was completed within budget. Although production processes have largely been run independently within North America thus far already, the improved technology and new floor layout are a major step for the growth and independence of North American operations.

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