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CARITY app screens

Innovative York Region-based AI company powers car shopping experiences

Most of the team members call York Region home. “This allowed us to centrally serve customers across GTA and beyond, enabling consumers to buy and sell cars with just a click,” Ng explains. “Carity introduced an industry-first profit-sharing car selling program, which allows consumers to share in the profits when Carity resells their vehicle, while also guaranteeing a selling price and offering upfront payments.”
CARITY app screens

“AI is reshaping the way we work, and Carity, an AI company based in York Region, is at the forefront of this transformative shift by using AI to redefine the interactions between automotive brands and car buyers.”

Ricci Ng is the co-founder and head of partnerships at Carity. Together with David Au-Yeung, Carity’s CEO and co-founder of Flipp, John Ling and Steven Choi, the journey of Carity began in 2021 as an online dealership. Their aim was to revolutionize the car buying and selling process by offering a seamless and transparent experience.”

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