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How Vaughan Headquartered SkyX Found a Home and Room to Grow in Ontario, Canada’s Airspace

With its head office in Vaughan, Ontario, just outside of Toronto, SkyX has taken advantage of the thriving technology scene in the area. “I believe Toronto is one of the greatest tech hubs. It’s evolving much faster than Palo Alto and San Francisco right now,” says Horn.
SkyX staff standing behind two SkyX drones

Didi Horn first had the vision for his aerial technology company, SkyX, when he was a military commander for the drone squadron of the Israeli Air Force—but it wasn’t until he moved his company to Ontario that it began to thrive.

SkyX provides solutions for autonomous, long-range Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) (or drones) to collect bird’s-eye view aerial data for companies in sectors like oil and gas. Using drones to continuously monitor remote assets like pipelines is more efficient and provides data that can’t be gathered by traditional methods.

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