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Frank Stronach and Mini Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle Factory in Stouffville Passes Latest Hurdle

According to a town staff report, the proposed development will generate 80 jobs. The development will also incorporate a walking trail and playing field available for public and local resident use.
Frank Stronach and Mini Electric Vehicle

Skyrocketing gas prices have many people thinking electric, but how about three-wheeled electric vehicles produced in Whitchurch-Stouffville by Frank Stronach? The town is one step closer to this being a reality after passing a zoning bylaw amendment in March to move the project forward.

Many are familiar with Stronach’s sprawling Magna campus that takes up a good chunk of Wellington Street in Aurora. But, his latest project is the new headquarters for his SARIT (Safe Affordable Reliable Innovative Transport) three-wheeled electric vehicle project just east of the Highway 404 Aurora Road exit.

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