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Mayor John Taylor at Arc Summit

Business Summit Aims to Propel Newmarket to Next Level

The day was filled with presentations from different key speakers, including Lewis, York University, and local businesses. The summit also featured breakout groups and presentations by students pitching businesses to the gathered crowd.
Mayor John Taylor at Arc Summit

Award-winning entrepreneur Daniel Lewis told a room full of local business owners, students and leaders that they must be flexible and willing to change. The tea purveyor called up a student on stage for a rock-paper-scissors match, Lewis demonstrated how always choosing the same option would lead to failure. “We must change, and if you don’t, you’re going to lose,” he said.

The Town of Newmarket hosted a first-ever summit on Nov. 29, inviting local leaders to be inspired, generate new ideas and learn. The town invited a select number of students and businesses to the Old Town Hall for a day of different presentations highlighting business success and how to make it as an entrepreneur.

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