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York University’s YSpace is Home to Exciting Food Startups

The York Region Food and Beverage Accelerator program is run by York University’s YSpace, which is an incubator program for entrepreneurs. The five month accelerator program is focused on helping consumer packaged goods companies go from small retail stores into large retail outlets like Sobeys, Longos, and Metro.

Some of Canada’s most exciting new brands have found their start through the program including vegan edible cookie dough company, Bro Dough; Afro-Fusion Gourmet Soup, It’s Souper (who recently got a deal on Dragon’s Den); and Eatable, an alcohol infused popcorn company.

The program comes with several different aspects including weekly educational workshops with industry experts around pricing, distribution, operations as well as mentorship opportunities and access to founder AMAs.

At the end the program there’s a demo day where York invites different distributors and retailers including the major supermarket chains.

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