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Rising Sun Store. Photo credit: Steve Somerville / Metroland

York Region Companies Reinvent Themselves During COVID

While COVID-19 caused major losses for many businesses, leading some to close, others were able to reinvent themselves. For some, the pandemic actually saw increased demand for their products or led to a new opportunity.
Rising Sun Store. Photo credit: Steve Somerville / Metroland

The owners told Sandica that by using the disinfectant, the amount of time to sterilize surgery rooms would be significantly reduced. With conventional sterilization, it would take an hour; with this product, it took 20 minutes to sterilize one room, so more patients could be brought to surgery.

Sandica bought the rights for Canada to use the product, and started up the company STER-OL Infection Control and the product SteraMist. The company is based out of York Region. By March 2020, the company had a contract with Mississauga for three years of infection control.

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