York Region featured in ‘Different Format, Same Energy: Collision from Home’s Partners’ Governments Invest $2.5 Million to Grow Agri-food e-Business During COVID-19

Vaughan Headquartered Mircom Group’s Digital Transformation of Real Estate

Mircom HQJason Falbo, Chief Technology Officer, Mircom Group, discusses how the company uses technology to make buildings smart for the benefit of tenants and occupants.

“We work hard every day to modernize the real estate industry, which from a technology standpoint hasn’t changed as much as other industries in the last 50 to 100 years,” says Jason Falbo, Chief Technology Officer at Mircom Group, a Canadian leader in the smart building space. “Our goal is to make buildings safer, smarter, and more livable.”

Full Article: gigabitmagazine.com


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