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Earth Rangers

Vaughan headquartered Earth Rangers launches in US

"There is strong evidence that helping our children discover their ability to act on environmental challenges leads to hope, optimism, and a brighter outlook for the future of the planet," says Tovah Barocas, President of Earth Rangers.
Earth Rangers

Earth Rangers, a charity that empowers kids and families to have a real and positive impact on the environment announced today its launch in the US. Originally founded in Canada in 2004, Earth Rangers’ mission is to create young conservationists by empowering kids to be environmental leaders. With nearly 350,000 members in Canada and growing, Earth Rangers programs are proven to increase environmental awareness and action in its members.

The free Earth Rangers App makes it easy and fun for kids to learn about wildlife and conservation through dozens of activities that show them how to make a real impact in their local communities—from organizing shoreline clean-ups, to planting pollinator gardens, to reducing energy consumption and food waste.

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