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Markham-Based UNIS Merges Tech and Retro-Gaming at Collision | York Link Tech Interview

Pong Coffee Table Manufacturing Facility (UNIS)

Markham-based UNIS Technology helped the classic Atari Pong® game come to life again in a new coffee table format that merges hands-on fun with tech.

This is the first year that Collision, North America’s fastest growing tech conference, is being held in Toronto, Canada. The 3-day event is expected to attract over 25,000 people. The York Link team is excited to bring the #YRtech Experience Pavilion to #CollisionConf 2019 in Toronto! Eight companies and four major innovation partners, plus a few innovation startups from across the Region will be showcasing their technology and even recruiting tech talent along the way. York Region has a thriving tech community with over 4,300 tech companies, the second largest tech cluster in the Toronto area and Canada.

In our latest #YRtech series interview we’re catching up with UNIS Technology. Based in Markham, York Region this company is combining tech and retro gaming to create fun that all ages can enjoy. We caught up with their team to ask a few questions about their presence at Collision, the future of their industry, and what they are looking for in prospective tech talent.

Two guys playing Pong® on the Atari Pong® Coffee tableWith such a large and varied audience attending Collision, who does UNIS Technology hope to connect with at the conference and why?

Unis Technology will be presenting our exciting Atari Pong Coffee Table. We feel Collision Conference and the #YRtech Experience Pavilion is a great unique platform to present this line. Our product introduces today’s technology into an iconic brand and product. Aside from promoting the Pong Table, we will be looking out for new technologies that can apply to our amusement industry. Hoping to use this platform in at Collision to network.

Can you talk about the technology UNIS Technology will be demonstrating within the #YRtech Experience Pavilion and offer some thoughts on being part of this unique regional technology showcase at Collision?

Our Atari Pong Coffee Table is a complete analog product compared to the first video game ever made which is the Pong game back in 1972. We are using software, hardware to control the movements and utilize magnet technology effectively. Bluetooth music streaming, ability to charge your electronics and most importantly it is also a game!

The Atari Pong® Cocktail tableWe hope to network with other technology companies, and we do have a keen eye on what can work in our amusement industry and have a tremendous platform how to monetize products within our niche industry.

Looking into the future, how will technology continue to transform your company and industry?

Our industry has already changed with AR, VR, RFID and other technologies. We are quick to embrace, better still to adapt and port technologies which we feel will work well and bring a new edge to improve our games.

For tech talent on the hunt for a career in this area of tech what skills will set them apart?

Games are meant to be fun. Any talent in tech that wishes to put forth a concept, technology must first identify that the coin operated amusement industry is quite different than the console or mobile games industry. While still amusement and games, the coin for play concept require a certain adaptation or vision that is quite different from games at home, mobile or e-sports.

Haven’t purchased your tickets to Collision Conference yet? Head to our #YRtech Experience Pavilion page to find out how you can save on your ticket purchase!

For more Collision Conference details: www.collisionconf.com


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