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How New Technology From York Region Protected Canada’s Rowing Team From COVID-19

“Adding the Biocloud technology into our training centre will add another critical layer of safety and confidence to our existing Covid protocols,” said Tricia McBride, Rowing Canada Aviron Lead Physiotherapist. “This technology will help our medical staff ensure our athletes are training in the safest environment possible and allow our athletes to focus on their training without worrying about the air they are breathing.”
Canadian rowing team competing in 2016 Rio Games

Rowing Canada came up with a home-grown solution to monitor air quality at the indoor rowing facility by installing a viral-detection technology called Kontrol BioCloud, trademarked as Safe Space Technology, to protect against the coronavirus in preparation for the games this summer.

BioCloud is a “real-time” analyzer designed to detect airborne pathogens like COVID-19 or other bacteria and fungi.

The BioCloud analyzer combines a SARS-CoV-2 detection chamber with an advanced air sampling process.

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