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Career Recharge: Growth Mindset

Learn how to adopt a growth mindset and explore strategies to help you embrace change and achieve professional growth.

Are you looking to achieve personal or professional growth this year? What holds you back from pursuing change? For our first workshop of 2022, Career Recharge welcomes back facilitator Judy Chang for her highly successful Growth Mindset workshop.

In this free Career Recharge virtual session, we will:

  • explore the differences between a fixed mindset and growth mindset
  • identify barriers that may hinder you from realizing your personal and professional goals
  • share techniques to cultivate a growth mindset and be inspired to become a changemaker

Welcome and embrace positive change in the year ahead. Join us to learn how to adopt a growth mindset and explore strategies that will help you achieve professional growth. This is the first workshop in the Personal Growth for the Workplace series by Career Recharge.



Jan 11 2022


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm