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Staff at Clearbridge Mobile

Clearbridge Mobile headquartered in Vaughan, York Region also has an office in Downtown Toronto. The company has built mobile apps for some of the most recognizable companies in the world and those apps have more than 300 million global downloads.

This is the first year that Collision, North America’s fastest growing tech conference, is being held in Toronto, Canada. The 3-day event is expected to attract over 25,000 people. The York Link team is excited to bring the #YRtech Experience Pavilion to #CollisionConf 2019 in Toronto! Eight companies and four major innovation partners, plus a few innovation startups from across the Region will be showcasing their technology and even recruiting tech talent along the way. York Region has a thriving tech community with over 4,300 tech companies, the second largest tech cluster in the Toronto area and Canada.

In our latest #YRtech series interview we’re catching up with Vaughan, York Region headquartered, Clearbridge Mobile. This scale-up app developer has more than 300 million downloads globally and is one of Canada’s fastest growing companies! We caught up with their team to ask a few questions about their presence at Collision, the future of their industry, and what they are looking for in prospective tech talent.

Staff at Clearbridge MobileWith such a large and varied audience attending Collision, who does Clearbridge Mobile hope to connect with at the conference and why?

Our goal at Collision is to connect with enterprise industry leaders, rapid-growth startups, and professionals looking for jobs. As a leader in Toronto’s software development landscape, we’re looking forward to connecting with enterprises and startups to share our expertise and discuss various ways to increase business value with world-class software solutions.

We’re also hiring. We’re searching for people who are passionate about software and strive to deliver an exceptional user experience in every project. We’re excited to meet the many talented and enthusiastic job seekers attending the conference who can potentially join us on our mission to drive mobile transformation for some of the world’s most forward-thinking companies.

Can you talk about the technology Clearbridge Mobile will be demonstrating within the #YRtech Experience Pavilion and offer some thoughts on being part of this unique regional technology showcase at Collision?

Clearbridge Mobile is honoured to be a selected partner of the #YRtech Technology and Innovation Pavillion. There are many tech companies and organizations that do exciting things in York Region, and we are glad that York Region’s tech community can be presented on a global stage. Not only is this a great opportunity to showcase our service offerings to the greater community, but it also enables us to support and collaborate with other companies in the region.

At Clearbridge Mobile, we practice a custom agile development process. During the conference, we will be running 30-minute workshops twice a day to give guests a glimpse into how our process helps companies plan the foundation for a scalable mobile product that drives revenue and enhances customer experiences.

Staff collaborating at Clearbridge MobileFor the first two days, we will feature our Design and Discovery service, which sets the framework for mobile app development. This one-of-a-kind service establishes business outcomes and a cohesive product vision, determines success criteria, and validates ideas before investing in development. By the end of a Design and Discovery phase, your team will have collected all the deliverables to attract investor buy-in or internal approval. The Design and Discovery process builds a solid foundation for the first version of a mobile app, or what is typically referred to as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Over the next two days, we’ll dive a little deeper into the MVP creation process and showcase the steps involved in determining what a viable version of your mobile product entails. In addition to our workshops, we will also be offering one-on-one mobile app development consultations for select companies interested in a more in-depth discussion. Prior to the conference, attendees have the option to request a meeting with our team during the week of the event; however, due to limited availability, some restrictions may apply. Interested attendees can contact us for a one-on-one consultation at our website here.

We’re also planning on running a contest for a special prize; all you need to do is follow Clearbridge Mobile on LinkedIn and give us your business card.

Looking into the future, how will technology continue to transform your company and industry?

Technology evolution fuels our company growth. Technologies like mobile, voice, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and digital in general are evolving faster and faster every year. At Clearbridge Mobile, we help our customers find innovative ways to implement these new technologies to create efficiencies and solve problems for their business, whether that’s driving monetization on the customer side or improving operations internally.

Looking into the future, technology will only continue to develop at a rapid pace. For our company to continue to deliver cutting-edge software solutions, we need to continuously build and refine our business to reflect the progress and pace of technological advancement.

Staff meeting at Clearbridge MobileFor tech talent on the hunt for a career in this area of tech what skills will set them apart?

Problem-solving and communication skills are what differentiate good software developers from great ones. Exceptional developers know how to engage with customers and can translate technical topics into non-technical conversations. They’re good listeners and can communicate with people who have no technical background. The developers who stand out are the ones who have a macro-view of real-world business problems and understand how to solve them with technology.

Haven’t purchased your tickets to Collision Conference yet? Head to our #YRtech Experience Pavilion page to find out how you can save on your ticket purchase!

For more Collision Conference details: www.collisionconf.com


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