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York Region: A Welcoming Place with an Exciting Future

It’s an exciting future for York Region with a university campus coming to Markham, rapid transit being integrated throughout Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and Newmarket; each with its unique urban growth centres attracting new residents and businesses every year.

Scale-Up Companies: The Pulse of York Region’s – and Canada’s – Tech Industry

The chatter in the public domain around the technology industry in Canada is increasing by the day. Similarly, the share of voice around the startup community is also growing. There’s a middle ground here, however, that gets less attention, the least share of voice and practically zero press coverage: Canadian scale-ups.

York Region Artificial Intelligence Companies Center Stage at the 2018 Toronto Tech Summit

For many the acronym “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) brings immediate thoughts of Terminator or super robots taking over the world. However, as the 2018 Toronto Tech Summit – hosted at the MaRS Discovery District in Downtown Toronto – highlighted, the pursuit of AI integration threaded into “mundane” business operations such as customer service support, personnel assistants, human resources, and e-commerce activities is already having a huge impact and dramatically reshaping how these sectors engage with their customers.

Where is the Proven Automotive Tech Cluster in the Greater Toronto Area?

Where is the R&D for these current and future automotive technologies to be used on a global scale taking place? York Region’s thriving automotive technology cluster has been quietly gaining momentum and its success is positioning the Greater Toronto Area as a global automotive innovation hub.

Innovative York Region Tech Showcased to the World at CES & MWCA

Nathan Allen & Lisa Lai at CES 2018YORK LINK BLOG SERIES
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA) are two of the largest technology conferences in the world. Looking to capitalize on the global popularity of these tech-centric conferences in person and online, we set out to showcase York Region-based tech companies exhibiting and promote the broader technology ecosystem of the region that is home to over 4,300 companies. Our interviews generated nearly 85,000 global views.