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Success Story: NewMakeIT

NewMakeIt is a facility that provides innovators, entrepreneurs and creative professionals with the tools and technology to turn ideas into reality. Watch to learn how the YSBEC helped them launch this creative business! Did this story inspire you? Do you…
Nathan standing next to his work truck

Success Story: Integra Mechanical and Air

“I really enjoy fixing things and addressing the needs of customers,” says Moore, an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) mechanic who launched Integra Mechanical and Air Ltd. in 2013. But what hasn’t come so intuitively to him is handling the organizational and administrative side of running a business.
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Success Story: K+A Personal Concierge

Kirsten Martin and Anne-Marie Gabrini don’t, typically, book private jets or plan lavish parties for their clients. Rather, as partners in K+A Personal Concierge in Aurora, they’re more apt to help clients with ordinary tasks such as grocery shopping or finding a good electrician.
image of dash at his computer

Success Story: DJ Dash

For Dash Bylykbashi, it’s easy to throw himself into his work. When he’s DJing a wedding, he moves and grooves right along with the guests. “I really get into it. I’m dancing the whole time,” he says. “That’s the reason people…
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Success Story: STEM Minds

After a 20-year banking career, Anu Bidani had a decision to make: She could continue in the corporate world or she could channel her passion for technology and innovation into her own business. “I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart,” she says,…
Image of Rachel holding clothing accessories

Success Story: Love Lakeri

When business economics grad Rachael Senjule launched Love Lakeri, a clothing accessories business, she was pretty confident she could manage the financial side of the venture. It was the marketing side she wasn’t so sure about.
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Success Stories: OHSpros

In high school, Paul Pires drove a forklift truck part-time. By age 19, he was training co-workers on a variety of lift trucks. And now, at 40, he’s launched OHSpros a company that specializes in province-specific online forklift training and health…